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The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Hot Springs' Bath House Row

By Jess Drier

If you're planning a trip to Hot Springs Arkansas you definitely cannot miss checking out the famous Hot Springs Arkansas Bath Houses. Hot Springs Arkansas is most commonly known for Bathhouse Row, a collection of bathhouses that were built in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

All of the bathhouses on Hot Springs Bathhouse Row were built over naturally occurring hot springs. The thermal water is siphoned into the bathhouses where you can enjoy soaking in the mineral water.

This might sound great to you, but once you do some research you will find it is quite hard to understand what the bathing experience at these hot spring bathhouses will be like. This article will tell you all about the history of the Hot Spring Arkansas bath houses, the different bathhouses you will find on Hot Springs Arkansas Bathhouse Row, what each bathhouse is now used for, and what the experience is like soaking at the bathhouses that are still in operation.

Nowadays, there are only 2 hot springs bathhouses still functioning where you can soak in the thermal mineral waters- the Quapaw and the Buckstaff. Although, because the entire town gets its water from the springs, there are some hotels where if you stay for the night, you can take advantage of soaking in the thermal mineral water there.

Back in the early 1900s, every bathhouse that you see on Hot Springs bath row used to be an operational bathhouse. Hot Springs Arkansas bathhouse row became a thing when settlers in the late 1800s discovered the abundance of hot springs in the area. Although, Native Americans had been coming to Hot Springs for some time before that, and viewed the area as a sacred, neutral area.

Once people started realizing how special the springs were, the town grew enormously in a short time. The government took notice and quickly made the town into a protected area so people would not destroy the natural state of the springs.

Not long after bathhouse row reached completion, Hot Springs was designated as a National Park- and is now known as "the oldest area in the national park system."

Below are links to the bathhouses on bathhouse row. When visiting Hot Springs, we suggest taking a look inside each of the bathhouses to get a feel for what they were like back when the town was extremely famous. Each bathhouse is different and attracted different people, so it's fun to look at the differences and decide which one would have been your favorite back in the day!

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