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Montreal's Sweet Hamburgers Are Confusingly Delicious

By Ilana Belfer

Photo Credit: L’atelier Sucre et Sel

If you love both burgers and dessert, then your mind is about to be blown: dessert burgers are an actual thing in Montreal and, though confusing to look at, they're incredibly delicious.

L'atelier Sucre et Sel, a personalized made-to-order dessert shop based in Saint-Léonard, makes five flavors of their "sweet burgers" — and, no, none of them contain actual meat or burger ingredients.

The volcano burger is perfect for chocolate lovers. It's lava cake served on a brioche bun, dripping with English cream.

The apple crumble burger is for the apple pie fans out there —caramelized apples with almond crumble and salted butter caramel. Yes, please!

If you're craving the tastes of tropical islands, the Caribbean burger has you covered: grated coconut, bananas, lime and a rum flambé.

The pistachio burger is served with slices of fresh fruit and accompanied by a homemade pistachio spread.

The campfire burger has chocolate, cookie chips, and marshmallows. According to the website, it'll "remind you of your favorite moments around a fire roasting marshmallows and tasting s'mores."

Why You Need To Go: We could all use a treat right now — and these sweet burgers somehow manage to make eating even more fun.

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