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The Best Recreational Sport for Harmful Belly Fat


A flat stomach can be hiding lots of visceral fat, but if you are overweight, the likelihood you have too much of the stuff is high. Which activity could help you shed the belly fat? Visceral fat wraps around abdominal organs – the stomach, small and large intestines, the liver, spleen, gall bladder, pancreas and much more.

WebMD confirmed a link between high levels of visceral fat and heart disease, Alzheimer's, diabetes, stroke and high cholesterol.

Researchers suspect visceral fat secretes a hormone that adds inflammation in the body. The key to shedding visceral belly fat is to "keep moving" - and what better way than putting on skates.

Rollerblading is considered exercise; in fact, LiveStrong describe it as a cardiovascular activity.

Doing such an activity can "cause you to burn a significant amount of calories". This is because rollerblading requires the wearer to "continuously move over a period of time".

The larger you are, the more calories you'll burn when rollerblading, said LiveStrong. However, in order for rollerblading to be an effective workout, each session should last for at least 30 minutes.

WebMD agrees that people need to aim for 30 minutes of activity every day. This would ensure you surpass the weekly aim of at least 150 minutes put forward by the NHS.

Do I have too much visceral fat?

John Hopkins Medicine recommends taking waist measurements to see if you're carrying excess visceral fat.

Women need to move more if they have a waist of 40 inches or more

Men need to move more if they have a waist of 35 inches or more

"Exercise is key to prevent and lose belly fat," added John Hopkins Medicine. As well as aerobic exercise, such as rollerblading, resistance training is also recommended.

John Hopkins Medicine suggests doing strength training (i.e. resistance workouts) three times a week.

Resistance training requires the use of your body weight, bottles of water or dumbbells said eMedicineHealth.

This includes pull-ups, push-ups, bench dips, and squat - just to name a few.

For easy tutorials on bodyweight resistance training, there will be various options on YouTube to choose from.

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