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How to Get the Most of Your Gym Membership in 2021

By Brooke Hafs

If the pandemic has been cruel to your waistline, you might be considering joining a gym at some point this year.

The Better Business Bureau has all the tips you need to get the most out of your membership.

The first thing you should do is set your goals. This will help you pick a facility that will help you meet your mark.

"A reputable gym will let you read the contract, comparison shop, and take a tour before making you sign on the dotted line," said Susan Bach, the regional director for the Better Business Bureau Serving Wisconsin.

Determine what is most important to you. Will a convenient location keep you motivated?

At a time like this you might want to take a tour of the gym to make sure the staff keeps things clean.

Ask lots of questions.

"Under what conditions can you cancel. What happens if the gym moves or closes," said Bach. "Things like that are important to know before you sign the contract."

Some gyms offer free limited trials or lure in members with a special introductory offer.

Remember the price can go up after that initial period runs out.

"Make sure you calculate the true cost of joining that gym," said Bach.

Don't feel pressured and do some research so you can make an informed decision that will be the best for you.

Check the BBB's website to see if a gym has any previous customer complaints. This information can help you narrow down the list of gyms you'd like to consider.

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