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Meow Wolf Creates Mind-Blowing Las Vegas Attraction

By Tom Walker

Some double helix slides at the "factory" area of Omega Mart Credit: Laurent Velazquez/www.meowwolf.com

Omega Mart, a permanent visitor attraction and art installation built by Meow Wolf, is set to open in Las Vegas, US, this month.

The attraction, dubbed "America's most exceptional supermarket", is located at Area15 – an experiential, 200,000sq ft retail and entertainment centre – and will feature more than 250 art projects created by 325 artists.

In total, Omega Mart houses more than 60 unique environments that include installation-filled rooms, terrains, and "portals to other worlds".

According to Meow Wolf – an arts and entertainment company famed for creating large-scale immersive art installations – the attraction will "transform family vacations into mind bending adventures".

"Omega Mart is not a show, or an arcade, or a museum — and yet, all of that and more," Meow Wolf said.

"It is family friendly, open to humans of all ages — and that includes inner children.

"You might find yourself in a warehouse-sized playground, with slides bigger than your house. Or going through a real-life looking glass, into another world entirely.

"Think of the greatest amusement park you’ve ever been to, with a Vegas-style twist. If the idea of that geeks you out, imagine what it’d do for a real kid."

At the heart of Omega Mart will be a focus on art.

"We’ve spent three years figuring out how to turn an otherwise boring art world into something exhilarating and unprecedentedly gorgeous," Meow Wolf said.

"Most art is presented only for long stares and contemplation, but we’re more interested in paintings you can walk into and explore.

"How about a sculpture garden that’ll make you feel like you’ve stumbled on the ruins of an alien planet? Now you can run wild alongside your imagination."

To read more about Omega Mart, which is scheduled to open on 18 February,

click here for the official website.

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