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Houston Officials Optimistic About Ironman Race in 2021

By Dave McGowan

Everything is bigger in the Lone Star State. Whether it be the epic belt buckle medals or the athlete's aspirations that take on this storied IRONMAN race.

Officials are planning on The Woodlands IRONMAN Texas Triathlon all happening as planned for 2021.

“We are still on for The Ironman. The Ironman will be a huge turning point for us; it was one of the events that was canceled (in 2020) that really saddened us. That is a really big opportunity for us (in 2021) to bring people in who use those recreational amenities,” Eddins said of the Ironman. “That is a great way for all our hotels to do good business. They (Ironman) is still set for the (April 24) date.”

Athletics events The Ironman Texas North American Championship triathlon is still planned to occur on their scheduled date this spring. The Ironman Triathlon is slated for Saturday, April 24, Eddins confirmed.

Rieser said both The Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Texas Triathlon are locked into contracts with the township to host the events this year.

“Ironman is under contract to be here in April. It won’t be as big as it has been, but it will still be a significant event. They are still hoping to pull it off (in 2021),” Rieser said. “The (Ironman staff) tried to get us to have an event in October, but we could not secure the road course and it didn’t happen. I expect Ironman to happen. The marathon is slated to occur at this time.”

The Ironman Texas event registration page lists The Woodlands race as booked with no openings as of Dec. 23. Those interested in being a competitor can sign up on a waiting list in case current registrants drop out between the end of December and late March. The race will feature the usual swimming, bicycling and running elements throughout the township and Montgomery County.

For over 10 years, Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Texas has called those with the Texan-spirit at heart. Those willing to fight for what they want. Those willing to come and take the IRONMAN finish line for themselves. Athletes will take on a 2.4-mile, point-to-point swim, a PR pace 112-mile ride on closed toll roads and experience one of the most spirited 26.2 mile runs in North America.

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